Digital for Development

What we do

We believe in the power of digital technology in positively impacting lives and businesses in the least privileged communities and in the developing world.

  • We shed the light on the work of those who create, inspire, support and empower underprivileged communities using digital innovation.
  • We spread the world on opportunities offered by corporations, governments, and international organizations in the realm of digital for development.
  • We share our expertise in the field of digital economy (e-commerce, e-education, mobile banking, start-up creation and management) in Africa.

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Our team

Candace Nkoth Bisseck – Founder

Candace is passionate about empowering people by improving their life, business, and career via digital technology.

She has been the country manager of the eCommerce website Jumia Market in Cameroon since 2014, allowing thousands of Cameroonian traders to generate additional revenues, teaching them how to use the internet and digital tools to sell beyond their physical shop and beyond their city.  Previously, she worked as a consultant in the fields of innovation, telecommunications and digital economy in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Candace is now working with Stanford Seed, helping SMEs in Africa to scale-up their business via innovation. Candace is the Director for Africa of Business For eTrade Development, an organization aiming at optimizing public policies and aid allocations for eCommerce development and fueling cross-border eCommerce worldwide.

Furthermore, Candace is also a recurrent speaker and advocate for eCommerce and Digital Innovation and a lever for development, and has been invited by organizations such as United Nations and local governments to share her expertise on these topics. Her work has been featured in Media such as Forbes, How We Made It in Africa, among others.

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Our “Why”

We are passionate about empowering people and businesses via digital technology.

Running a successful digital business for 3 years in sub-Saharan Africa, Candace was at the forefront of the challenges and opportunities in the Digital and startup ecosystem, supporting and connecting with entrepreneurs and underprivileged communities.  Her work and involvement in the industry got her the chance to sit at the table of many Ministries and International Organizations to share her views and expertise on the topic.

With time, she realized that there was a real gap between the high-level dialogues and the initiatives led by these institutions on one hand, and the people and organizations struggling in the developing world on the other hand. Lack of visibility and authentic feedback from the ground at the top, lack of access and information about the opportunities offered by governments and organizations at the bottom.

Thus, creating the platform www.digitalfordevelopment.org was the result a willingness to bridge that gap, using a combination of Top-down and Bottom-up approaches. Our purpose is to combine the best of both worlds, shedding light on the work of people from the developing world that leverage digital technology for the greater good, and helping high-level institutions to reach and support the least privileged communities.


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