SweepSouth: Economically Empowering House Cleaners through Digital Technology

SweepSouth: Economically Empowering House Cleaners through Digital Technology

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Finding an available domestic worker could be a challenge in Africa. Whether for an emergency or because you someone just moved into in a new city, people tend to rely on their personal network to find help for their house. A similar challenged lead Aisha Pandoor, and her Co-founder/husband Alan Ribic to create SweepSouth in 2014.

Today SweepSouth.com is an online platform that allows people to find a cleaner on-demand, in a hassle-free yet affordable way. It is also an empowering tool for female domestic workers in South Africa. Among the 3500+ “SweepStars” (the cleaners registered on SweepSouth), 74% are primary breadwinners and 67% are single moms. The platform allows them to put food on the table for their families and elevate their positions in society by leveraging the power of digital technology.

SweepSouth is financially backed by is backed by Silicon Valley venture capital, among others and will proceed to expand in additional locations within South Africa. Hopefully, Sweepsouth or Similar platforms will emerge in other countries in Africa and offer a smart and flexible solution to fight human trafficking on the continent


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